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Wendy Shinyo Haylett, a Buddhist teacher, lay minister, mindfulness coach, and behavioral analyst shares the "tips and tricks" found in Buddhist teachings to make your professional and personal life better ... everyday!

Jan 12, 2023

In this episode, I celebrate my 70th birthday, which was yesterday, with the release of 2 special bonus contemplations on impermanence. I saved a couple of Members-only bonus episodes for release following episode 81, "Navigating Grief and Loss" with Kimberly Brown. They are Impermanence with Kaspa Thompson (Inspired by Shan Tao) and "The Five Remembrances" with Bradley Jinaiyo Nussbaum.

I know many of you have more of your life ahead of you rather than behind you, the truth is, we can never know. That's the thing about impermanence and that's what these two contemplations are helping us to reflect on.

It becomes harder to ignore impermanence as you age, yet I still find plenty of ways to forget about it. Not as many ways as when I was 35, but there are still plenty of ways to try to run from it.

Please enjoy the contemplations and thank you to both Kaspa and Bradley for their wonderful reflections.

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