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Wendy Shinyo Haylett, a Buddhist teacher, lay minister, mindfulness coach, and behavioral analyst shares the "tips and tricks" found in Buddhist teachings to make your professional and personal life better ... everyday!

Jun 16, 2022

Join me for a conversation with Arlene Faulk, as we talk about the ups and downs of living with the symptoms, diagnosis, and eventual healing of Multiple Sclerosis. Arlene went from a career as business executive to a calling as a Tai Chi teacher. 

Arlene captured her dramatic personal story in a memoir, Walking on...

Jun 16, 2022

In the next two episodes, Episode 72 and Episode 73, I am in conversation with two amazing women who demonstrate with their lives how we can actively accept what seems unacceptable. Although these episodes represent something out of the ordinary for this podcast, they illustrate, in sharp detail, how everything changes...

Jun 10, 2022

Enjoy a preview of a NEW Members Only Feature: Bonus Contemplation Podcasts. These are short podcasts for you to use as subjects for contemplation or analytical meditation.

They will be released regularly and presented by myself or some of my Bright Dawn Lay Minister/lay ministry student friends and colleagues.

To be...

Jun 9, 2022

Rev. Gyomay Kubose, my teacher's father, wrote about "purposeless purpose." He said: "Too much intelligence or too much efficiency can create trouble. So, we must learn non-intelligence, which is super intelligence." Does that sound nonsensical?

Our sangha is studying The Diamond Sutra now and it is filled with...