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Wendy Shinyo Haylett, a Buddhist teacher, lay minister, mindfulness coach, and behavioral analyst shares the "tips and tricks" found in Buddhist teachings to make your professional and personal life better ... everyday!

Oct 28, 2022

In this episode, I have a far-ranging and fascinating conversation with Melissa Moore, Ph.D., a teacher of Buddhism and Contemplative Psychology. In it we talk about her book, The Diamonds Within Us: Uncovering Brilliant Sanity Through Contemplative Psychology, a treasure of a book that weaves the teachings of Tibetan...

Oct 13, 2022

I am honored to present this podcast episode with Rev. Marvin Harada, the Bishop of the Buddhist Churches of America. In it we discuss what makes Shin Buddhism a truly "everyday Buddhism", meditation, mindfulness, chanting, ritual, and about the teachers we have in common and what made them special.
I know you'll...