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Wendy Shinyo Haylett, a Buddhist teacher, lay minister, mindfulness coach, and behavioral analyst shares the "tips and tricks" found in Buddhist teachings to make your professional and personal life better ... everyday!

Jan 26, 2024

This week, over at my new premium Substack podcast, Words From My Teachers, I released Episode 6, continuing readings from the book, The Center Within by Rev. Gyomay Kubose. In the episode I read the following essays: Middle Way, Water, Purposeless Purpose, No Mind, and How the Buddha Taught.

As a special bonus episode...

Jan 26, 2024

As a special bonus episode for the Everyday Buddhism podcast, I am sharing the reading of the essay Purposeless Purpose. It's a wonderful essay to reflect on, as they all are in The Center Within, but I'm releasing it here on the Everyday Buddhism podcast as a companion piece, which you will find in the next episode,...