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Wendy Shinyo Haylett, a Buddhist teacher, lay minister, mindfulness coach, and behavioral analyst shares the "tips and tricks" found in Buddhist teachings to make your professional and personal life better ... everyday!

Feb 25, 2023

Welcome to a special BONUS podcast, introducing our first "Chat with Everyday Buddhism" YouTube videocast on our Everyday Buddhism YouTube channel and now as an audio version for the podcast.
It is our very first episode of "Chat with Everyday Buddhism" where we are planning a series of chats with our sangha leaders,...

Feb 14, 2023

In this episode, I talk with Emma Varvaloucas, an editor and writer with a decade+ focusing on discovering and publicizing underreported good news in the nonprofit media space.
Emma is the executive director of The Progress Network, where she writes the popular What Could Go Right? weekly newsletter and is co-host of...